FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where are you based ?
  • We are based in Los Angeles area.

  • Are you a Manufacturer authorized reseller?
  • Yes, we have agreements with SS, SG, GM and MRF and buy direct from them.

  • What’s the advantage in buying from you? On-line sites in India are cheaper .
  • We are US based and are authorized resellers for the brand we sell. This enures you are getting a quality product manufactured for theUS market. A lot of foreign on-line retailers sell fake products.

  • Do you offer local pick-up ?
  • If you let us know ahead of time, we can arrange for it as long as you’re willing to drive to our location (City of Industry / Walnut area). Please use Discount Code Local Pickup after you have arranged local pick-up .

  • Do you offer knocking service ? Do you use automatic knocking machine ?
  • This is a service we will offer shortly. Please stay tuned .

  • Can I get a better price on a product ?
  • We check our competitor prices frequently and offer best prices on-line. When you’re ready to buy , messages us and let’s see what we can do .

  • Do you offer volume discounts ?
  • Yes, Message us.

  • Why does the product I received look different than the pictures on the website ?
  • We make every effort to ensure the information, prices and pictures are accurate but sometimes there are things that are out of control. So, we are not responsible for manufacturer’s errors in printing or publishing. Sometimes due to the inconsistency of monitors and screens, the color tones and shades may not be exact  as found on the actual product. If you have a question or concern relative to this, please let us know and we will do the best to address this. Also, Keep in mind that manufacturers also change color of grips and stickers on bats frequently and sometimes their websites are not updated in a timely manner.

  • Can I see actual pics of bat I want to buy ?
  • Yes, of-course, just ask us

  • Can I see a ping video of the bat I am buying ?
  • Yes, of-course, just ask us

  • Are the products authentic / original ?
  • 100% authentic, we buy directly from the manufacturer .

  • If a bat maker says “Pre-Prepared”, does it mean it’s ready to play ?

    Depends upon manufacturer, GM offers “GM NOW” on most of their bats and it includes oiling, knocking, applying  anti-scuff sheet on the face and edges, and also a toe guard. In our experience, these bats are ready to play. Additional knocking before you play will always help in such bats so it is a matter of personal preference but companies like GM are pioneers in redefining how manufacturing of bats is done.