GM Neon Geo II Helmet - 2023

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  • Complies with BS7928:2013 Specification for Head Protectors for Cricketers, British Standards Institute .
  • Improved peak strength and precisely fitted Geo steel grille greatly reduces the risk of the ball penetrating the gap between the two.
  • Fitted with a Geo steel grille as standard .
  • Rigid, high impact outer shell with EPS liner withstands great force.
  • Complete with new dial adjuster band for ease of fitting and removal of helmet mid innings.
  • Choice of colors: Navy


  • Geodesic designs are mathematically proven to be ultra strong structures.
  • The use of geodesic designs ensures the grille has optimal impact resistance from all frontal directions.
  • All bars of the Geo grille feature properties of geodesic curvature.
Color - NAVY